Scaffolding work is hazardous by nature, this is why Masters Scaffolding holds safety as its #1 priority in the design and manufacture of its products.

Our products are compliant with WorkSafe and Australian standards. With high-quality materials, technical support, a dedicated expert team and quality control measures, we guarantee that our scaffolding will be durable and secure for everyone on-site including builders, bricklayers, painters, roofing contractors, carpenters, window installers, renderers, plasterers and plumbers.

Safe Scaffolding

We ensure that there is continuous edge protection supporting workers and materials. We use equipment such as gin wheels and scaffold bags to ensure that components are safely transported around the project, especially when at towering heights.

Safe Equipment

We ensure that our equipment, whether screens or scaffolding, is stored correctly preventing deteriorating and any drop in quality. Prior to every project, our scaffolding is inspected to ensure that it is compliant with Australian Standards and safe for use.

Safe Practices

We have our team leaders and supervisors take workers through the Safe Work Method Statement controls (SWMS) at pre-starts to make sure that they are constantly reminded about safe work practices. Masters Scaffolding ensures compliance with relevant model codes or practice and WHS legislative requirements. We adopt a safe work methodology set out in SafeWork publications. Our team implements work systems and processes for the safe erection, alteration and dismantling of the scaffold.

Safe Workplaces

We do not overload scaffold decks when working. We have workers trained in the use of safety harnesses and can implement the use of these fall prevention systems on specific jobs that are certified as suitable. We adopt a pre-planning practice whereby other contractors and members of the public are excluded from work areas to prevent risk from scaffold work overhead. All scaffolders are required to use belts/toolboxes to secure their tools and prevent injury to those near or around the site.