When is scaffolding required?

Scaffolding is essential when you need to provide a safe work environment to comply with WorkSafe and Australian standards. It creates a safe platform for trades – builders, bricklayers, painters, roofing contractors, carpenters, window installers, renderers, plasterers and plumbers – to use to make their way around the site and to transport their materials and tools of the trade. It is simply not worth compromising on this safety measure.

Can I install my own scaffolding?

There are risks involved in doing this kind of work if you are not experienced. You may find our pricing compelling enough to engage us to do the work for you. Just give us a call.

Is Masters scaffolding Insured?

Yes, we hold a $20 million public liability policy. We are happy to provide our Certificate of Currency upon request.

What are the qualifications, licenses and experience of your scaffolding Crews?

Masters Scaffolding only uses licensed scaffolders as per the legislative requirements. We Use basic, intermediate to advanced scaffolders. We always use experienced scaffolders that have worked across a range of scaffold environments including residential, commercial, industrial and mining. We have scaffolders that have worked in the industry for over 20 years and are accustomed to leading and supervising teams as well as training of apprentices and scaffold labourers.

What are Masters Scaffolding main controls to prevent the fall of people, tools and materials?

Masters Scaffolding ensures compliance with relevant model codes or practice and WHS legislative requirements. We adopt a safe work methodology set out in SafeWork publications such as “Erecting, Altering and Dismantling Scaffold – Part 1: Prefabricated steel modular scaffolding”

We ensure that there are continuous edge protection supporting workers and materials. We use equipment such as gin wheels and scaffold bags to ensure that components are safely transported around the project and at heights. All scaffolders are required to use belts/toolboxes to secure their tools. We do not overload scaffold decks when working. We have workers trained in the use of safety harnesses and can implement use of these fall prevention systems on specific jobs that are certified as suitable. We adopt a pre-planning practice whereby other contractors and members of the public are excluded from work areas to prevent risk from scaffold work overhead.

We have our team leaders and supervisors take workers through the SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) controls at pre-starts to make sure that they are constantly reminded about safe work practices.

How do you certify your scaffolding on site and what does your regular inspection documentation look like?

Our Scaffold structures are certified at handover by conducting a walkthrough and final inspection by our licensed scaffolder and the nominated personnel of the principal contractors.

We carry out both fortnightly and monthly scaffold and we provide inspections and provide detailed report that specify issues and necessary rectifications with photos both before and after and a requirement for sign off by the principal contractor upon further walkthroughs. As per legislative requirements all our scaffold tags are inspected, updated and photographed.

Do you provide scaffolding equipment for hire?

No, we provide a full-service solution which includes delivery, installation and removal.

How can Masters Scaffolding offer such competitive pricing?

As we own our own scaffolding equipment, we don’t have to hire additional equipment to make up any shortfalls. We also have our own workforce so we don’t have to outsource expensive agency labour. Our experienced and expert consultants are able to engineer cost-effective solutions. Plus, we really want your business and we are prepared to work hard to earn it.

What are Masters Scaffolding overall quality assurance procedures for its scaffolding systems?

Masters Scaffolding conducts quality assurance and safety inspections of all scaffolding components before and after use and storing. We have our own warehousing personnel that systematically inspect all components regularly to ensure that all equipment remains safe and fit for purpose. Our Licensed Scaffolders are also trained to inspect components on site during erecting and dismantling and any components that are identified as unfit for use are removed, tagged, isolated, recorded and reported to warehousing team for further action.

My builder sayd we need scaffolding but I don't think it's necessary, can you tell me who's right?

We’d be happy to evaluate your project and if we determine that scaffolding is necessary, we will explain why and even prepare a quote to show you that it may actually save you money by using scaffolding.

Do you provide documentation to prove your credentials?

Of course. We supply a scaffolding ticket as proof of our qualifications and we also give you a handover certificate as proof that your site is safe and legal for work to be carried out.

Does Masters Scaffolding hold current insurances?

Yes. We can provide you with Certificates of Currency for our Public Liability Insurance and WorkCover insurance.

Do you need to conduct a site inspection in order to quote for our job?

We quote most of our jobs using drawings. However, if your job is a more complex job, a large-scale job or is an existing structure for which plans cannot be obtained, we do conduct site inspections.

We need our scaffold installation to take place outside of business hours. Can you do this?

We can arrange to install your scaffold outside of business hours if yours is a commercial site. Speak with us about the kind of timing you require and we can determine the logistics involved.

Can Masters Scaffolding help me with a minor home renovation?

Yes, we provide scaffolding solutions for all sizes of projects. Simply contact us with the details and we will prepare a quote.

Can Masters Scaffolding provide a full-service scaffolding solution for a multi-story commercial high rise?

 Absolutely! We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and we believe you will find our professionalism, expertise and pricing very agreeable.

What happens if it rains on the day our scaffold is due to be installed or dismantled?

Your installation or removal may have to be rescheduled in the unlikely event of extreme weather. Your MASTERS SCAFFOLDING representative will be able to advise and reschedule with as minimal delay as possible.

Is your scaffolding insured or do we have to insure it while it's on our site?

 Once the equipment is installed, it is your responsibility and therefore covered under your insurance until it is collected. You may be liable for damages or losses that occur whilst on your site. Contact your building insurer to find out if you are adequately covered.

What are your business hours?

Our office hours are 7.00 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Our site crews typically work between 7am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday. Works outside of these hours may be possible by prior arrangement.

What are your payment terms?

 Invoices are issued on 14 days for residential and 30 days for commercial.