Our Process

Masters Scaffolding is a highly experienced Australian scaffolding company setting safety and procedural benchmarks in Sydney.

If your next project demands innovative scaffolding solutions for commercial or industrial projects Masters can help. We have an expert team who can provide solutions and service excellence to our customers by offering professional project planning, design, estimating and supply services. Partner with the scaffolding experts today and use the trusted brand in the construction industry.

Masters Scaffolding uses quality scaffolding products, compatible with all commercial and industrial projects throughout Australia. It is fully compliant with AS1576. The products we use are ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited, meeting all relevant Australian Standards and codes.

We are a team of
Industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the construction and related industry
Passionate individuals with a common goal to deliver beyond expectation
Leaders who guide by example, establishing a culture of motivation and inspiration
“Masters at
what we do.”
Why Masters Scaffolding
Masters Scaffolding is committed to giving back to the community within which we operate.

We are big believers in giving back, especially to a community that has supported our company over the years. We believe that our team can unite with the community to help make a difference.

Our services enable us to develop and nurture strong relationships within our community. Where possible, we make certain that local capabilities and resources are harnessed, ensuring that our business positively contributes to the lives of people in our community, the local economy and overall, the society. Furthermore, we support the community through engagement in local events, from sporting teams to charitable events.

Serving the communities we live and work in is our company’s goal.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility
At Masters Scaffolding, we are committed to safeguarding our team’s integrity and Earth’s resources.

Our code of ethics outlines what our company expects from an employee’s conduct across areas of respect, customer service and business values.

We are committed to the creation of a diverse team that reflects our code of ethics and believe that this will serve in the best interest of our community and organisation. These guidelines will serve as a solid foundation of standards that influence how business is conducted and the type of work environment and company culture that is created. A healthy workplace is not just key for a business, but also for the mental and physical health of our employees, contractors, stakeholders and the wider community.

Our commitment goes beyond a healthy workplace. Masters Scaffolding also places value in a healthy environment. Our Environmental Management Plans are developed in line with Environmental Protection Authority regulations. We also regularly monitor and review them to ensure that their effectiveness and compliance is maintained. With every project, we identify environmental issues and implement control mechanisms, ensuring that our environmental impacts are minimised.